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    Speedtime - Test your reactions.

Top 5 Score board:
21. 4. 18. Marco
24. 20. 18. Morfar
24. 1. 24. Miaw
24. 4. 22. k
24. 20. 17. Morfar

Please read this introduction before you start.

Use either the mouse or Enter key on your keyboard.

Start button starts the test.
The Start button must have focus if you want to use the keyboard.

STOP button appears when Start is activated, a few seconds later the timing starts, showen by a blue bar. Press the STOP button as soon as possible after the timer is started!
NOTE: You get penalty points if pressing the STOP button before the timer has started.

Reset button store the test result and reset the test.

Calculate closes the active game session and displays all your results and average.

Anyone can be lucky the first time and get a very good score, but can you get a good average score after 10 or more attempts!
Scoreboard shows: The five best average score, number of tests, the best (minimum) score and name if supplied.
Type your name in the textbox and open the test page with Begin.


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