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    Xnum - How many can you remember?

Top 5 Score board:
      30. 3T1. Len
      18. 3T1. Len
      10. 1T1. Øh
        9. 1T1. hej
        7. 1T1. Musse

Please read this introduction before you start.

The aim is to remember as many as possible.

Type: Select between digits, characters, small or large.
Time: The time you have to remember the string on the screen.
Only US alphabet and the digits 0-9 is used
To get the score on the Score Board, a name must be supplied.

Selecting the smallest time gives more point when remembering and writhing back the string.
If you type a wrong character or the string is wrong when the times up, the program stop.
If the typed character string is correct when the times up, a new random character is concatenate to the previous one.
Continue this way to se how many characters you can remember without making any mistake?

The Score Board show: Point, Time no.(1-5) selected, Type and Name if supplied.
Type your name in the textbox then select the Time and Type of characters to remember.

   Name:  Time(sec):    Type:

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