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Encrypt and Decryption of text to E-mail or SMS etc.   Dansk English

Text length: Before encryption Max 30,000 char, ca. 30 KB. After encrypting Max 61,000 char, approx. 60 KB.
An A4 page with 57 lines of text is about. 5,500 characters!

Encrypt: Encrypts the text in the text box. The text can be encrypted multiple times with or without Message ID.

Decrypt: Decodes the encrypted text into the text field.

Message key: If text is encrypted with a key, the correct key must be used by each decoding.
An auto key is used if the field is empty!

Delete: Delete all text in the text fields.

Text length (with spaces): 0 characters. 0 KB. (Updated by Encrypt or Decrypt)

Message key:        

NOTE: This site does not save the contents of the text box and the Message key.
Loss of the Message key to an encoded text will do the decoding virtually impossible!

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