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    Privacy Policy: This site's Privacy Policy applies to users who use this site, but not for third party suppliers, which may show ads on this site or third-party websites accessed through links inserted or ads.
    Cookies: This site uses cookies the user automatically gives permission when using this site.
    The message: You accept Cookies, displayed on all pages until confirmed, can be closed with a click.
    NOTE: The user's cookie content created by this site can be seen in Browsers fingerprints, if cookies are disabled in the browser some functions will not work. The user can delete all cookies using the browser or a cleaning program. Temporary cookies are deleted by: Closing the browser. Persistent cookies have a fixed or relative time to the last visit before ending but will not be saved if cookies are disabled in the user's browser.
    Data collection: When your visit to this website two types of information are collected one is the data automatically sent by the browser when surfing the internet, it is data such as: IP address, browser type and version, platform, etc. The second type of data collected, is when you submit registration data, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. or write in blogs, guest books or debate, etc.
    Protecting Your Information: It is important for this website, your personal information is kept securely and confidential. And in a way that meets the law. Therefore, we try to reduce access to that data as much as possible. But 100% guarantee is not possible. Therefore it is important that you think about what information you provide.
    Information use: The data collected are used mainly to show the website tailored to the user's browser, additionally used also in statistics, studies and analyzes of user behavior on the site, all aimed at improving the website, service benefits and services, to give the user a better experience, visit its website. Provided that the user's browser is set to accept cookies, used in some cases to the transfer of data between the sides, these cookies are deleted at session end. Other cookies used in connection with login, they can be created to remember the user's login data and make the login easier erased Log out or when cookies are deleted on the user's PC.
    Disclosure of data: This website does not disclose or sell your information for commercial purposes or to third parties for private purposes. In the event of abuse or fraud data is supplied to the relevant authorities.
    By signing up for Google Adware, Google collect data about user behavior on the site, the collected data is outside this site's control.
    Liability: All use of this site and contents of this site at your own risk.
    This site may not directly or indirectly held responsible for any loss which use / third party claims to have suffered, caused by data, statistics, assessments, calculations, instructions, and error estimates, or other circumstances retrieved or calculated from here.
    Right to change reserved.

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