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Daylight saving is not taken into account when calculating the local time.
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Daylight movement direction Earth's rotation Date line
3.French Polynesia UTC-09:30 8.Newfoundland UTC-3:30 8.Venezuela UTC-4:00 15.Iles Crozet UTC+05:00 16.Iran UTC+03:30 16.Afghanistan UTC+04:30 Nepal.Timezone UTC+05:45 17.Bhutan UTC+06:00 17.Sri Lanka UTC+05:30 17.India UTC+05:30 17.Diego Garcia UTC+06:00 18.Myanmar (Burma) UTC+06:30 18.Cocos (Keeling) Islands UTC+06:30 21.Pyongyang North Korea UTC+08:30 21.Darwin Australia UTC+09:30 21.Adelaide Australia UTC+09:30 22.Lord Howe Island UTC+10:30 23.Norfolk Island UTC+11:30 24.Chatham Island UTC+12:45 Y.Adak Alaska USA UTC-10:00 1.Timezone UTC-11:00 1.Timezone UTC-11:00 2.Timezone UTC-10:00 3.Timezone UTC-9:00 4.Timezone UTC-8:00 5.Timezone UTC-7:00 6.Timezone UTC-6:00 7.Timezone UTC-5:00 8.Timezone UTC-4:00 9.Timezone UTC-3:00 10.Timezone UTC-02:00 11.Timezone UTC-1:00 12.Timezone UTC 00:00 13.Timezone UTC+01:00 14.Timezone UTC+02:00 15.Timezone UTC+03:00 16.Timezone UTC+04:00 17.Timezone UTC+05:00 18.Timezone UTC+06:00 19.Timezone UTC+07:00 20.Timezone UTC+08:00 21.Timezone UTC+09:00 22.Timezone UTC+10:00 23.Timezone UTC+11:00 24.Timezone UTC+12:00 24.Timezone UTC+12:00 24.Timezone UTC+13:00 24.Timezone UTC+13:00 24.Timezone UTC+14:00
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