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  CPR number validation  CPR validation examples and explanation!  
  Jets pollution  Photo of Cirrus, white clouds of ice crystal , called feather clouds, mainly condensation trails from aircraft. 
  Encrypting  Encrypting and Decryptig 
  Browser fingerprints  Your Browsers fingerprint. Tracking with Canvas Fingerprint. See the data received from your browser... 
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  Kilimanjaro2011  Trekking on Kilimanjaro, Africa 2011!  
  My Garden  Photo series of the garden since construction in 1995!  
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  Intelli30  Difficult task: Find the solutions within 30 minutes!  
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  Xnum  How many can you remember without error.!  
  Sudoku 36  Sudoku 6 * 6 boxes. Choose difficulty level!  
  Sudoku 81  Sudoku 9 * 9 squares. Choose difficulty level!  
  Sudoku 81 X  9 * 9 Sudoku with diagonal fields. Choose difficulty level!  
  Fridericia History  Fridericia family history!  
  Fridericia Flora   Flora: The genus Fridericia is in the family Bignoniaceae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants). 
  Fridericia The Book  Pages from the book: Complete description of staple town Fridericia!  
  Fridericia City image  Fridericia townscape from 1768!  
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